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Design a brand strategy to successfully merge two innovative companies, TBNG Consulting and Vancord, with a renewed vision for the future
Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Video Production

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Bringing two established IT and Cybersecurity companies together under one roof was the ultimate exercise in visioning.

Shaping the next generation of Vancord required us to carefully consider how two teams and their unique services would work together under a unified vision and values. The work was to facilitate conversations that asked big questions about the organization’s future to help shape a renewed mission, vision, and values. 

We started with an inward focus – What do we stand for? What is possible as the result of our collective talent, effort, and desire for purpose?

The work to develop a brand language platform would then transcend a visual identity project. It was essential to maintain brand equity and investment from team members who’ve been dedicated to the legacy brand for years. We knew we needed to honor the past but build for the future and accomplished just that with a refined logo and visual identity system inspired by former Vancord and TBNG logos.

The brand development project also included exercises to develop Vancord’s value proposition, including working directly with product development and sales to understand what the next-generation offering would look like. 

New Park Creative redesigned and launched a website to serve as an expression of the new brand. Complete with fully transformed navigation and service offerings, and more sophisticated marketing integrations, the website is designed to meet the needs of the company’s rapid growth.

With the hard work and big-picture thinking complete, it was time for our teams to design an internal and external launch strategy that would share Vancord’s story with the world. Our goal was to leverage the merger and new brand launch to engage with team members, customers, and the community. This included an internal launch celebration to share the story of Vancord’s transformation and renewed vision, and create a sense of oneness across the team.

We launched a comprehensive marketing campaign with tactics that would create awareness within new audiences and reignite 1:1 conversations with current customers. Our teams worked closely to carefully craft messaging to convey the significance and impact of the new brand. The campaign included organic social and email, print, and paid advertising, all on the heels of the new website launch. We enjoyed collaborating with Vancord to design a sweepstakes promotion via their CyberSound Podcast to engage listeners and provide a platform for even deeper storytelling.


Through our work together, the Vancord team has a renewed dedication to and excitement for the future. Refinement of the brand and value proposition has created strength and clarity across marketing efforts and has allowed Vancord to offer robust solutions to new and existing clients. 

The brand launch campaign created significant traction on the newly launched and rebranded website and social media channels. Resulting in:

  • 6,911 new website visitors
  • 351,292 LinkedIn page paid campaign impressions
  • 2,788 LinkedIn page organic impressions

We are proud to continue to support Vancord’s digital marketing efforts as they establish their presence as a leader in IT and cybersecurity.