About New Park

About New Park Creative

We design and launch marketing strategies that are backed by data and infused with creative storytelling.

New Park Creative is a boutique digital marketing agency located in Connecticut, serving the tri-state area and beyond. Our team of passionate strategists, designers, and visionary thinkers is dedicated to providing high-performance marketing that inspires. We leverage our deep tactical expertise to craft and share stories that connect with audiences and are proud to work with clients who use the success of their business for good—for their customers, team members, communities, and the world. 

Our company is 100% woman-owned and a registered minority-owned business. In 2023, we are celebrating ten years of building successful brands and relationships with our clients. This is a testament to the trust, high level of creativity, and strategic thinking put forth in each of our projects.

What we do exceptionally well:

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • Website Development

Unapologetically awesome

Meet Our Team

Our Philosophy

We surprise and delight clients at every stage of their journey with us. From the first handshake (or elbow bump) to celebrating a successful campaign launch, we bring passion, excitement, and unbridled joy to each of our projects.

To us, best-in-class means always delivering that extra 10%; whether it is recognized or not, we endeavor to go above and beyond in all we do. Its the culmination of a thousand small choices made simply because we know it will deliver exceptional results. It all starts with fostering a culture where we bring our best selves every day. Our curiosity, kindness, and ridiculously high standards shine inward out and that is what sets us apart from the rest.


Our Values

The desire to create something new, something that wasn’t there before, and something that offers a solution, communication, or simple means of joy to the audience — this creative expression is what we come to work for.

We are authentic, trustworthy, and care deeply about the endeavors in which we invest our time and energy. When genuine people work together, the best intentions are exposed and elevated. 


We lift people up because it is the right thing to do. If we have nothing, we still have the ability to lighten the burdens of another. Our helpfulness speaks to the dedication we have to our clients and each other.

We exceed expectations in every interaction a person has with our brand. We conceptualize and present ideas that fall beyond the realm of expectation in a way that combines playfulness and sincerity. Achieving surprise and delight encourages our team to push boundaries with focus and finesse.

We get by with a little help from our friends, perpetually choosing collaboration over resistance and division. Collaboration requires vulnerability, an openness to learning, and the ability to embrace criticism. It forces both individual and team growth and capitalizes on the collection of our vast and varied life experiences.

Embracing change provides a special kind of freedom to grow in boundless and exciting ways. In an effort to hone our expertise as our industry, clients, and organization evolve, our team never stops learning. We’re excited by change, as it indicates new opportunities and problems to solve. 

We Proudly Support

Creative Expression, Breaking Rules, Gender Equity, Mentorship, Community, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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