CyberSound Podcast by Vancord

CyberSound a Podcast by Vancord

Bring to life a dynamic and engaging podcast that positions Vancord as an industry leader and go-to source of cybersecurity news and information.

Establish Vancord as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry by showcasing their experts through engaging content
Podcast Development, Content Curation, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development

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Early in our marketing work together the Vancord team expressed a strong interest in developing a podcast as part of their content strategy. As a digital agency with zero podcasting experience and an overabundance of ambition, it was fitting that we sign ourselves up for the task. 

Developing this new channel and content was in direct alignment with our goal to position Vancord as a leader in the IT and Cybersecurity market. We collaborated on the concept, brand, and technical execution, equipping Vancord with an in-house studio setup that provided the ability to self-record content. 

The CyberSound brand name was born and our teams quickly got to work planning for the first lot of episodes and a promotional plan to launch this new series into the world. The plan included a content strategy for hosting content on the website and across the most widely used listening platforms, along with a social media and email campaign to generate awareness. This project was a labor of love for both teams and a great challenge to research, vet, test, learn, tweak, adjust, etc. every detail from episode ideation to software and setup.  


Vancord’s content strategy is more diverse and dynamic than ever before, and CyberSound has allowed the company to expand its reach and exposure to curate an entirely new audience. 

CyberSound plays a direct role in amplifying Vancord’s thought leadership, dedication to education, and commitment to creating conversations that help shape the future of IT and Cybersecurity. 

To date, the podcast has over 50 episodes launched, 2k+ downloads, and can be accessed across notable platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and Podcast Addict.

Listen to the Podcast Here