Locking in Success

Yale Commercial Solutions

Yale, an ASSA ABLOY company, has pioneered the evolution of the lock industry for over 170 years, with millions of their locks and door hardware being used worldwide

Reimagine how the brand engages with of the NextTouch product platform

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Yale Commercial Solutions sought a new approach to promote the features and benefits of its NexTouch product platform. Their goal was to present the product’s ultra-versatile offering in a way that broke the mold of marketing for commercial solutions. With sales reporting a lack of engagement with existing content and a market saturated with “same old” corporate positioning, our teams looked to humor and wit as a means of creating excitement.

The goal was to bring to life “Yale Labs” as a fictional place where Yale designs, builds and tests product innovation. Our main character was a witty, no-frills scientist who tells it like it is (think Bill Nye meets Ron Swanson) and demonstrates the product features and benefits through a series of fun experiments. 

The initial intention of this project was to create a live-action video on-site at Yale/ASSA ABLOY’s Berlin, CT facility. However, pivoting to adapt to COVID-19 protocol, New Park Creative pitched an animated version of the original concept that would allow for heightened creativity even in the face of global


We pivoted from using a live actor to creating a character that could be designed into endless scenarios, and with a script to accommodate even bigger and better ideas.

Our team was able to achieve the client’s request for “humor, in the right way” by showcasing the product in a smart, witty tone. Yale was successful in achieving a high level of engagement when reintroducing the next generation of the NexTouch product platform. Yale’s team was appreciative of our collaboration to create a successful campaign in light of the pandemic.