The Energy Grid of the Future


New England's largest energy provider serving over 3 million customers across the region

Educate and ignite conversations between key stakeholders in the energy market
Concept Development, Animation, Storyboarding

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We worked with Eversource’s Grid Advocacy team on a content strategy to support the need for awareness and education about tomorrow’s energy grid. The project took the form of a series of videos to help make information simple and accessible for a range of audiences within the public and private sectors and local and federal governments. 

It was critical for our videos to highlight Eversource’s brand values and contributions to improving our grid and supporting a clean energy future. We worked closely with their communications team to ensure alignment on messaging as well as visual direction.

Our team crafted language to highlight their overall mission, address common misconceptions, and showcase the investment Eversource is making to deliver a flexible, scalable, and reliable grid for tomorrow’s energy market.

Visual direction for the project was an essential component to ensuring the content of each video would be approachable and engaging. We used clean illustration styles with upbeat music and sound effects to both enliven and simplify the delivery of complex information.


The result of our collaboration was a set of engaging video content that empowered the Grid Advocacy team to effectively communicate critical information to all stakeholders, regardless of experience. Our work together also contributed to increased awareness of the specific investments made by Eversource to meet reduced carbon regulatory and social commitments.