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Goodroot’s rapid growth has been nothing short of inspiring. Starting with a vision for what tomorrow’s healthcare system could be, the brand has become a powerhouse in the industry, making bold and audacious commitments to reshape healthcare for good.

As a marketing partner, we work with Goodroot’s team to support an array of creative projects, from communicating the launch of their organization in 2020, to the development of exciting web experiences for new and emerging affiliate partners. 

Equipped with a deep understanding of the complexities and inefficiencies within our healthcare system, we’re able to support the development of the website, video, and other marketing content that creates awareness for Goodroot and its portfolio of companies. This includes developing and sharing diverse value propositions from pharmacy benefit improvements to audit support and medical debt reduction—all with a shared mission to improve quality, affordability, and patient experience. 

Our approach is collaborative, partnering with the Goodroot marketing team to support rapidly evolving initiatives and provide creative support to enhance their digital strategy.

Our work with Breez includes the development of an engaging website and demo tool to support non-profit hospitals in providing simple and easy financial assistance to patients. The goal was to highlight the financial and emotional burden of medical debt within the US healthcare system and position Breez as an easy-to-implement solution for those looking to empower patients and drive savings for their organization.

RemedyOne includes the development of a website that brings clarity to the company’s rebate management and Formulary optimization offerings. This includes ongoing support to create content that demonstrates and validates the client experience, offering, and unique value proposition.

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Developing a deep understanding of Goodroot’s strategic goals and vision for the future has allowed us to create a dynamic and collaborative partnership. 

Our work together has supported the organization’s marketing strategy, including bringing multiple new affiliate companies to market. Together, we’ve created dynamic content and experiences that effectively showcase the power and uniqueness of the Goodroot brand.