Goodroot Website Design: Reinventing the Digital Experience


Goodroot is a healthcare solutions provider and industry accelerator committed to reinventing healthcare to improve affordability and accessibility for patients. Their community of companies is dedicated to reshaping healthcare systems for good.

Architect a scalable and engaging website experience that supports Goodroot's evolving brand and strategic business priorities
Website & UX Design, Brand Development, Video & Animation


The growing community of Goodroot companies delivers an array of pharmacy and medical solutions, all designed to prioritize access, affordability, and patient experience. At the same time, Goodroot acts as an accelerator, bringing innovative talent and ideas together to design, build, and launch new solutions through their amplifying services.

In its success, Goodroot saw the need to evolve its brand story and implement a sophisticated digital strategy that would support its community of companies and deliver the most value to customers through an accessible and engaging user experience.

Our goal was to reinvent the Goodroot website, presenting its brand and offerings with strength and clarity while supporting critical business priorities. The strategic plan for implementation needed to consider a diverse and complex set of solutions offered to a wide range of audiences, including health plans, employer groups, brokers, PBMs, and third-party administrators. It also required purposeful design and presentation of Goodroot’s amplifying services and call-to-action for those looking to drive new and innovative business concepts.



Goodroot needed a brand identity that would stand out to change makers while also building trust with enterprise titans of their industry. Our approach considered all aspects of the experience, from brand identity design and positioning to back-end features that would optimize marketing operations for the business. 

Intentional Strategy

By leveraging diverse sources of data and information, such as user interviews, analytics, and market trends, the UX/UI team at New Park Creative developed a comprehensive and multidimensional view of user behavior, preferences, and pain points. This approach helped to identify patterns, trends, and outliers, enabling more informed brand decision-making across company stakeholders.

Accessible Navigation & Functionality

Working collaboratively, our teams mapped scalable navigation and functionality designed to support the growth of Goodroot and its innovative approach to business. This included simplified navigation, allowing audiences to easily identify their unique challenges and navigate to solutions offering the greatest value for their business. To accomplish this, we needed to simplify a complex portfolio of offerings across diverse audience pipelines.

Powerful Brand Development

We helped reposition the brand to support the next generation of business growth. This included core language development and the expansion of a new, refined visual identity.

Robust Content Management

With multiple “child” companies operating under the Goodroot brand, it was critical to build a content management system that was dynamic and scalable. Our teams took into consideration the need for a scalable distribution strategy that would support content marketing across several Goodroot-owned digital properties. We built a complex system of categories and tags to present the right content to the right audience at the right time, including insights, case studies, and other timely validation and educational content. This scalable content management system was designed to support multiple user journeys that will continuously evolve as the brand grows.



The newly launched Goodroot website has emerged as an indispensable cornerstone of their business operations, functioning as a vital recruitment and sales tool. This dynamic online platform not only successfully attracts top-tier talent by offering an authentic window into the company’s culture and diverse career prospects, but also entices potential customers, leading to substantial boosts in leads and opportunities.

By the Numbers

Since its launch, Goodroot has seen a significant increase in web traffic and engagements. Highlights include a 442% increase in search impressions, raising Goodroot in search engine results, and creating visibility for relevant search queries.

The results also include a 30% increase in organic traffic, including views, website users, and overall sessions, plus a 17% increase in repeat sessions for users who previously engaged with the site. These improvements have led to higher engagement rates, better SEO performance, and impactful conversations with prospects and leads.

Industry Leadership

The launch of Goodroot’s newly evolved brand created a significant impact on market stakeholders. Presenting their mission and offerings with renewed clarity has generated interest and engagement with both prospective partners and industry innovators interested in joining the Goodroot movement. The brand has garnered more interest than ever before in media coverage, promotions, speaking engagements, and partnership opportunities with leading healthcare brands.

Winning Collaboration

New Park Creative’s project team created a highly collaborative environment for creativity across all aspects of the project. Together, the New Park and Goodroot teams supported the workshopping and co-creation of a robust strategy for the design and execution of the website design project.

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