Taking Metamaterials to Market

Armory Technologies

Materials Technology

The leader in mechanical metamaterial solutions that are lighter, stronger, and safer, with product applications in industries from transportation to aerospace, building materials, and energy

Development of a brand and go-to-market strategy for an innovative materials technology start-up
Brand Development, Graphic Design, Website Design

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Armory Technologies is the first to market with its advanced mechanical metamaterial solutions. With endless application potential, our goal was to narrow down the brand focus and positioning for their product’s early entry into the transportation space.

Our team led a series of workshops to help craft the brand positioning, value proposition,  and key differentiators, looking at both OEMs and owner/operators as a target audience. Together, we sought creative ways to drive awareness of both the Armory brand and this completely new type of material product. Our language aimed to translate both their visionary spirit as a market disruptor and steadfast experience in the realm of engineering material technologies. A series of refinements were applied to their original visual brand to enhance the look in alignment with their renewed vision for the future.

New Park and Armory also collaborated on the design of a new and engaging website that would highlight the brand, its material technology, and its first product application. This included a brand story video to create awareness and highlight the features and benefits of mechanical metamaterials.


Armory entered the market with strength and confidence. The refined brand language, website, video, and other content enabled their team to present with clarity and continuity across channels, generating engagement with their target audiences.