Live Fully & Breathe Freely with Wellinks


Healthcare Technology

A health technology company focused on creating better outcomes for those living with COPD

A digital healthcare company focused on innovations to create better care outcomes for those living with COPD

Bring refinement, strength, and clarity to an emerging name in healthcare technology
Video Production, Brand Development, Social Media Management

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The Wellinks team is bold, ambitious, and eager to create lasting change within our healthcare system. It’s no wonder their company quickly outgrew its original brand language and identity, and our team was honored to help shape a renewed vision for its future.

The task was to bring greater clarity, and continuity, to the Wellinks brand while maintaining the traction and equity it had built to date. The company also recognizes the important role of culture and the need for its growing team to fully own and invest in the Wellinks mission.

Our work included facilitated workshops to define the company’s mission, vision, and values. Working closely with key stakeholders from across the company, including leadership, product development, patient experience, and marketing, we brought unique and diverse perspectives into our conversations.

Our language development transitioned into an examination of the current Wellinks visual identity. A refined logo and expansive system of brand elements were designed, alongside a stringent set of usage guidelines for how the visual brand is applied.


Wellinks was able to introduce and celebrate its vision for the future, aligning team members with the organization’s core purpose and boldly stating its position in the market. After a successful brand relaunch, Wellinks and New Park Creative continue to collaborate on a variety of marketing efforts, including content development, social media strategy, and more.

We are proud to partner with Wellinks to support their mission to help people with COPD live fully and breathe freely.