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Celebrate 75 years of success and leverage a significant milestone to engage and enliven the Motorlease brand
Event Production, Website Development, Marketing Strategy

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The 75th anniversary marks a major milestone for Motorlease and is a testament to the quality offering the organization has built over decades in providing an exceptional team and customer experience. As Motorlease’s marketing partner, we were eager to bring our ideas to the table and help shape what this celebration could be. Our approach began with the development of an event theme and strategy built around the following objectives:

  • Leverage the company’s milestone anniversary to celebrate, enliven and increase awareness of the Motorlease brand story
  • Demonstrate and reinforce the Motorlease value proposition through themes of family, longevity, stability, and first-class customer service
  • Develop a multi-channel approach with custom language/tactics to increase engagement across all audiences, including customers, team members, and partners

The strategy development included the ideation and presentation of an exciting theme and visual identity for the event, working in collaboration with Motorlease to identify their audiences and strategic objectives.

The theme was Celebrating 75 years on the road and included messaging around honoring the past, navigating the present, and building the future as we drive into the next generation of Motorlease.

We wanted to thank clients for trusting Motorlease to keep them on the road today and tomorrow and to express gratitude to employees for their dedication to the company. As a strong supporter of many community organizations, it was also important to reaffirm their commitment to building the future, together. 

With this messaging in mind, our teams collaborated to determine what type of experiences would achieve our goals. From events and keynote speakers to custom gift boxes, we wanted to create a high-end and highly engaging experience for all.

To create exposure, we included a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to reach audiences at each stage of their journey, including social, email, virtual, and in-person events. 

With a dynamic and exciting strategy in hand, our teams moved to the execution phase. The planning included working closely with the Motorlease event team to coordinate video and website development, as well as technical details to support the event. The highlight of our work was, seeing the creative vision come to life in a way that was engaging and exciting for all. 


It was a privilege and honor to support Motorlease on their 75th-anniversary celebration, client gifting experience, and communications strategy.  

Motorlease was able to present a celebratory experience that honored its past, celebrated the present, and drove excitement for the organization’s future. The event resulted in an outpouring of thanks and expressions of gratitude from Motorlease team members and customers alike. It provided a platform for Motorlease to recognize the hard work of their team and energize everyone with a vision for the next 75 years of excellence in fleet management.