Spring 2023 Marketing Trends & Updates

Happy Spring! 

The trees are blooming, and so is the marketing world! As an agency, we are always exploring the latest ideas, tools, and platforms to help improve marketing performance and support our client’s growth. From AI to Google Analytics, we’ve been listening to the latest marketing trends and updates and compiled a list of the best tips & insights to get you further and faster in Q2.

ABCs of AI 🤖

While it feels as though AI is taking the world by storm, artificial intelligence-based products and programs have been integrated into our lives for many years. From Siri to ATMs, the benefits of AI are developing rapidly. From a marketer’s perspective, AI is incredibly useful in creating compelling and hyper-relevant paid & organic content. Generative AI analyzes large amounts of data and can identify consumer behavior patterns to help businesses identify SEO-friendly, relevant, high-performing keywords and phrases for their digital marketing campaigns. Stay calm in the frenzy to adapt immediately – take time to assess where AI programs can help your organization and where they are unnecessary. 

Here are our picks for the top AI platforms that small businesses can start using today: 

  • Copy.ai
    • Copy.ai walked so that Chat GBT could run! The great thing about copy.ai is that prompts can be geared toward specific marketing deliverables
  • Lately.ai
    • Lately.ai optimizes content for social performance while maintaining your unique brand voice 
  • Stockimg.ai
    • Stockimg.ai can cut hours of scrolling for the perfect stock image and instead create a whole new image that is precisely what you had in mind

What’s IN at LinkedIn 💻

At the start of 2023, LinkedIn previewed several new features coming to the platform this year. Here are our top picks for updates to watch and adapt: 

  1. Updates to Job Search
    1. To assist casual job seekers, LinkedIn is testing personalized job collections that users can discover without conducting a search, allowing employers to build a pipeline of qualified talent.
  2. Updates to B2B Product Search
    1. LinkedIn has almost 90,000 B2B products, and members can easily find them through in-platform search. LinkedIn plans to add new category filters and improve the relevance of the Product Pages to create a more personalized experience, empowering professionals to make better, more informed purchasing decisions (and brands to increase lead generation)
  3. Content Analytics
    1. Updates are coming to the creator analytics dashboard to include audience data and top-performing content, enabling brands to examine the evolution of their following and discover more about their audience’s demographics.

GA4 – The Clock is Ticking 🕜

On July 1st of this year, Universal Analytics (the current Google Analytics platform) will cease processing new data. Google Analytics 4 is similar to Universal Analytics in the data it tracks; however, it is a bit different in how it reports the data. GA4 is focused on two main things: machine learning and data visualization. In GA4, you will find more predictive analytics and insights, as well as more graphs and charts.

At its core, GA4 is focused on providing more data throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer journey. In other words, more data is available after a customer has been acquired, including their level of engagement, monetization, and retention. 

Here’s what it means for your business…

  • Deeper integration with Google Ads
    • See in-app and web conversions across Google, YouTube, and non-Google paid channels (FB, organic, email, etc.)
  • Customer-centric Measurement through multiple identity spaces
  • Reorganized Reporting
    • Detailed reports on acquisition, engagement, monetization, retention

Need help in transitioning to GA4, selecting the best AI programs to implement, or updating your LinkedIn? Contact our team today for assistance!

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