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Guarantee Repeat Purchases, Launch Subscription Offerings

Guarantee Repeat Purchases, Launch Subscription Offerings

If you’ve ever had a conversation about brand subscription, you know how important it is to create an ongoing relationship with the consumer. Similarly, one of your main tasks when building a business is to get consumers to know, love, and use your products and services. It’s your job to be a matchmaker between your offerings and the consumer’s desires.

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Subscription in Action

Slow business is one of the quickest ways to disrupt your cash flow. In order to keep customers coming back again and again, you need them to form a habit of using and enjoying your product. You want your product/service to be embedded into their lifestyle.

One way to explore this concept is to ask any coffee drinker about his/her favorite coffee brand. You will meet people who swear by Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Tim Hortons. Now, these consumers have purchased the same type of product from each of the chains, but they have formed a continuous preference for one specific supplier that they’ve come to know, love, and have integrated into their lives.

Habit in a Box

Many companies understand this need to feed that habit mentality. From clothing rentals like (Rent the Runway), snack delivery (NatureBox), to dog treats (BarkBox), more and more companies are understanding the benefits of including a subscription-based model into their strategy. By offering in-home delivery of these goods via subscription they are guaranteeing repeat purchases. But, they can’t do it without initial enrollments. They’re using social media to educate consumers about their product and getting them to sign on through landing pages that feature high-quality web graphics.

Grab Graphics to Get Started

We can’t help you figure out all the specific details of how to weave subscription lines into your existing business model, but we can help you create the design materials that you’ll need for to impress customers. Graphics are like a brand’s fingerprint on the internet. How you choose to represent a product is done through a strategic blend of colors, styles, typefaces, and graphic elements.

If you are looking to promote your subscription-based product through a social media campaign, you’ll need large banner graphics, smaller ad graphics, and enticing product graphics. Studio 73’s expertise is in representing your brand through quality graphics and web design. Are you convinced that you need some design work to launch your subscription line? Give us a call to schedule a meet.

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