Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For The Tech-Savvy Creative In Your Life

For the graphic designer, photographer, or artist in your life, we’ve curated the perfect gift guide for this holiday season. Are you stuck on what to get them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 16 gift ideas for the creative in your life:

Replica Surfaces

This product is literally a lifesaver for us. These hyper realistic photo backdrops include a wide variety of designs and prints, from white marble to shiplap, these backdrops are perfect for professional quality photos. These lightweight surfaces produce on-the-go flatlays and product detail shots that showcase every detail with clarity and a perfect, minimalist backdrop 

2020 Bob Ross 365-Day Desk Calendar

For a little bit of inspiration and motivation everyday, embrace the happy little accidents of life with this Bob Ross desk calendar. This tiny desk calendar features a painting-a-day to take you through every moment of 2020, also, who doesn’t love Bob Ross??

Tile – 2020 Sticker Item Tracker

Whether it be your wallet, charger, remote or keys, find easy-to-lose items with this two-pack of Tile Sticker trackers. The adhesive backs offer easy application and stick firmly to most surfaces, and the 150-foot range lets you locate items anywhere in your house. These Tile Sticker trackers connect to smartphones via Bluetooth so, you can make your phone ring even when it’s set to silent.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Working in the creative industry, we spend hours a day staring at screens, therefore this gift literally will change lives. Ease the daily headaches and eye fatigue by gifting your creative friend these blue light blocking glasses. These glasses effectively block 100% of harmful UV rays and they’re pretty customizable. They come in various designs and colors, and have a 90 day guarantee!

Logo Design Love

For the creative artist and designer who’s always working on something new, this guide to creating iconic brand identities includes sketches, logos, and tips for working with clients. Throughout this book, readers learn how designers create effective briefs, generate ideas, charge for their work, and collaborate with clients.

Crosley Radio Mockingbird Bluetooth Radio

We thrive in environments where we’re constantly listening to music. This ‘50s inspired retro handheld AM/FM radio is perfect to have on the go, or in the office with wireless bluetooth and wired connectivity. For the creative who likes to think out of the box, or do things the good ol’ fashioned way, this is the perfect Christmas gift!

Hi-fi: The History of High-end Audio Design

A beyond-cool look at the world of high-end audio design for passionate collectors, obsessive audiophiles, and design fans. Hi-Fi traces this fascinating evolution from the 1950s to today (and tomorrow), taking readers right up to the current renaissance of all things analog and the emergence of cutting-edge designs for die-hard audiophiles.

Do Anything Smart Button

Ever wish you could do something with the push of a button? Well, now you can. You could use this slightly magical, satisfyingly squishy silicone button to turn the music down or the lights off. But that barely scratches the surface of its possibilities. Need to find your phone, and fast? Press the button. Call a cab while stuffing your suitcase? Press the button. Sprinkle your parched garden from work? Press the button. The possibilities are literally endless!

Canvas Light Panels Smarter Kit

This light panel kit includes nine square wall-mount LED panels that can be configured just the way you like. This kit offers customizable color and light in just about any space. This kit can be used at home, in the office, or on the set of a shoot to add extra character and flare. You can also turn lights on or off , change the colors, play touch games or adjust the brightness of panels with the touch of your hand.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

What better way to light up your friend’s life than with this lamp? This friendship lamp works with your wifi and the touch of your hands. Whether you’re across town or half way across the world, let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them. Mix and match designs and colors, all with one touch.

Graphic Design Play Book

Sometimes we run into a writer’s block or a creative dry spell, and need something to get our creative juices flowing. This graphic design play book does just that. Through the use of puzzles and visual challenges, this book demonstrates how typography, signage, posters and branding work. Through a series of games and activities including spot the difference, matching games, drawing and dot-to-dot, readers are introduced to concepts and techniques in an engaging way. This book will get just about anyone out of a creative design funk.

Real-Time Social Following Counter

Almost all of our work and business is done online. Help your creative friend celebrate new followers with this real-time social following counter. A fun decor piece for the front desk at your business or hung in your lobby, it’s also a clever way to remind clients to follow you on Facebook!

RoboMaster S1

The RoboMaster S1 is a game-changing educational robot built to unlock the potential in every learner. A perfect gift for tech lovers, the S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more. The S1 provides captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features. It’s also a great gift for kids and young adults who are interested in STEM!

Morph with Buchla Thunder Overlay

The Buchla Thunder is perfect for video production. It’s uniquely well-suited to a variety of instruments – from synthesizers with rich and evolving timbres, to acoustic samples that benefit from a more “human” touch, to hardware synthesizers like the legendary Buchla Easel. The Morph does more than Music. Just change the overlays, and you’ll be typing up some new plans. You can also edit video with Adobe Premiere, or making your own next generation interface.

Google Cardboard

Sometimes we need to see things from another perspective. Using your smartphone and VR apps, games, or videos, Google Cardboard puts you into stunning environments that stretch out all around you. Travel the world, explore outer space, and more. No matter where you look, it’s as if you’re really there.


Interactive Cloud Lamp

A perfect gift for the office or home, add atmospheric ambiance and an electrifying light show with this sculptural, music-interactive lamp. LED lights inside the cumulus puff flash to the beat of your favorite tunes or cycle through a spectrum of colors.

From all of us here at New Park Creative, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!