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Video Production

Video Production Services

Video has become the most relevant and engaging form of content that an organization can produce, so we’re pretty proud to offer a full range of video services to our clients.

Videos help your customers understand your business and trust your brand. They help you train employees and facilitate internal growth. They create excitement and buzz at live events and give us a visual platform to tell meaningful stories. Social sites and search engine algorithms tailor to video content, and honestly, people have come to expect it.

Check out our process

  • We envision everything right at the beginning, with a detailed process that involves pre-production, getting a well-written and directed script, and storyboarding to outline the final product.
  • During production, our videographers film remotely or in the New Park Creative studio. We show up with all the cool gadgets and goodies required to get amazing shots. We even equip clients to view our cameras on-set or remotely through an app on their phone (pretty cool stuff) . We work hard on-set and make it a fun, creative experience for the client.
  • Once all the footage has been captured, we work on bringing your story to life. From simple video edits to complex 2D and 3D animation, we run the whole gamut to present a finished piece that speaks to you.

Featured Video

Here’s one of our latest projects. Want more? Check out our portfolio page.

Video Marketing

We’re great at promoting and helping people get the most out of the amazing videos we create. It’s easy to put a video of your business on Facebook or website, but will you get the most views and exposure possible? Will the right people see it? Will they buy from you after watching it? Video ROI is often viewed as the mystical unicorn of the marketing world — but it doesn’t have to be.

At New Park Creative, we think big. We’ll find the best ways to reach the most people who are perfectly suited to your message. And we’ll get feedback from our own analytical tools and data on how they’re viewing your piece, and what they think about it. Together, we constantly work to improve the quality and reach of your content.

Drone Video Services

Sometimes there’s no other way to show the sheer scale of something except to take to the air! Other times, the shot you want to get isn’t in the most accessible area. Perspective can sometimes change a person’s entire outlook on something, and that’s where drone video can take your idea to a whole new level. Property tours, large factory tours, sporting events, and resort aerials are just a few examples of how a skyward approach can really help sell the larger picture.

360 Video Services

360 degree video is a great way to show off panoramic views, sweeping vistas, and anything where you want to show the full scope of something. This medium also is good for tours of buildings or landscapes and is a really cool way to give viewers an interactive or immersive experience.