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Branding is so much more than a logo, font or color scheme. It’s your identity as an organization, how you view yourself internally and how the world views you. Our branding projects include the research and development necessary to position or reposition you in the market.

Branding includes not just the logo but corporate identity guidelines for the client and brand style guide(s) to ensure continuity over time and across a variety of media.

New Branding

Isn’t this exciting!? We’re building something from the ground up! We start from scratch to develop your brand and create a logo that you’ll build equity in for years to come. Something immediate, urgent, and that will become the recognizable face of your business.

Brand Alignment

Maybe you zigged when you should have zagged. We get it. Sometimes things just get out of whack and need adjusting. Perhaps your organization has grown and changed over years and it’s time to ensure the brand reflects how far you’ve come. In this type of project we are minimally invasive to get your brand identity back on track, and closer to your vision.


Rebranding is a delicate process where the utmost care should be taken to update your look without damaging the integrity and recognition of your existing brand. Not only do we redefine what your organization stands for but we also update your logo with a fresh look. New Park Creative follows up with support services to ensure the implementation and distribution of your rebrand materials goes smoothly.