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Brand Strategy Quick Tips an executable brand strategy is pertinent to the marketing success and equity of your brand. The word “brand” is not meant to be confused with logo, product, or title but rather the way people perceive who you are and what you are trying to accomplish as a business.There are a few important things and main concerns we are trying to address with a good brand strategy. Not only are you trying to create an overall  look for your brand, but you want to create an overall feeling. It is critical that you generate emotion in your customers. This is what is going to differentiate you from similar businesses. To create this emotional tie to brand you have to dig deep inside yourself and establish the perception of what you want to be. Branding is considered one of the most important aspects of business. So we are going to coach you on some simple tips to creating a successful brand strategy.

#1 Define Yourself: Here you are going to be asking yourself a lot of questions to get the brain juices flowin’. What are the main goals of your business? After you have answered that, ask yourself- What do my existing clients believe my goals are. If the answers coincide, you are in great shape! Then ask yourself, what do you want your customers to associate with your business? All of the words you have just written down or come up with is the definition of your brand. Now all you have to do is figure out how to portray this definition without words! Don’t worry, it’s simple!

#2 Competition: Take a look at what your competitors are doing and examine their brand strategy. NO, you don’t want to copy them. You just want to acknowledge what they are doing and try to do it different and better! You want to maintain a strict differentiation from you and your competitors because your unique approach is what is going to hold on to customers.

#3 Development: Once you have come up with the message you are trying to deliver, make that message known! Integrate this message into your everyday business activities from the way you answer your phones and sign your emails. This will help you establish a “voice” for your company. Which will be the way your customer relates and recognizes your company.   Use your logo as much as you can develop a tag line. With all of these things remember to maintain consistency and deliver what you promised!

#4 Flexibility: I know my last sentence was “be consistent” but you still have to be flexible! The market and demand is always changing, so you are going to have to eventually adjust yourself based on these needs. Don’t be scared of change. Just make sure when you do adjust and redevelop keep a common thread. You do not want to completely loose your original mission. The message and goals should stay consistent. Delivery of this message should take unique approaches to maintain excitability in your brand.

Now you are on your way to developing an effective brand strategy. Just remember, stay true to your message, preserve consistency, remain flexible and generate emotion. If you can do just that, your brand will be untouchable! Good Luck!

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