5 Ways to Write Great Copy in 2020

Our 5 ways to write great copy will instantly boost the quality of your content in 2020!

Well-written copy is the foundation of great content, yet somehow (and far too often) its importance falls by the wayside. Why is this? There are a few reasons copy tends to suffer:

  1. Budget – The communications team is small or stretched thin and someone’s got to get this copy written – STAT!
  2. Accountability – Who’s the content gatekeeper and are they paying close attention?
  3. Inexperience – The writer may not be up to speed on best-practices for marketing copy.
  4. Low Standards – Yep, we said it.

Nobody is perfect, and the quest for great content is one of continued growth and improvement. Think about the creative material you produced five years ago – have you grown? Has it gotten better? We hope the answer is yes.

We produce a lot of content and with it comes an endless demand for copy. Whether you’re writing copy for blogs, marketing materials, packaging, social media, or even just your everyday email – here are our 5 ways to write better copy in 2020.

1. Write like a real person.

Copy can be conversational and inviting while also allowing your professionalism and expertise to shine. The reader should be able to detect and understand the brand voice and values through the language you choose. Use emotive words and sentences that mimic real-life conversation. This style of writing is engaging and a great way to build trust with your customers. Of course, there are times when copy may need to be very technical in nature, especially when legal or compliance is involved. But we’re talking about marketing copy (the fun stuff) so make sure there is a notable style, tone, and human touch to your writing.

2. Speak to the lowest common denominator.

People often default to writing copy that is familiar to them. They use industry-speak, shorthand or technical language which they consider commonplace. The last thing you want to do is confuse, intimidate or alienate your readers. Copy must speak to the lowest common denominator otherwise it misses the mark. Great copy is all about getting the message across!

3. Watch out for buzzwords and cliches!

This award-winning, best-in-class blog article is sure to wow the masses with its jaw-dropping appeal — 110% satisfaction guaranteed!

Can you remember a time in school when you had to deliver an essay with a specific word count requirement? Stuffing sentences with a bunch of extra words just to make your product or service sound amazing is lazy and annoying for readers to digest. The standard for your marketing copy should be that it’s engaging, trustworthy and conversational. Overuse of buzzwords reads as a breach of trust to audiences who want honesty and integrity in their buying process. Read: Don’t do it.

4. Be concise.

Can you say it with fewer words? If you can, then perhaps you should. Being direct in your writing may leave you feeling a bit exposed – but once you get used to this format it can be extremely liberating.

5. Hire a copywriter.

We’ve seen it all — exceptional and exceptionally terrible writing comes from every level of the organization. Writing for digital and search engine marketing has its own nuances and technical requirements. If you have a pro copywriter on staff who absolutely kills it – awesome! If not, invest in someone who can do the job correctly. Be sure to find a writer who is well versed in your industry and who can write with the tone that best suits your brand.

We believe in the value of producing better content.

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