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3 Reasons You Need A Brand Style Guide

3 Reasons You Need a Brand Style Guide

One of the great things that come with a logo design from New Park Creative is a brand style guide. We don’t deliver a single logo just to leave you out in cold for the rest of your graphic design styling needs. Here are three great things about having a style guide for your brand:Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guides Eliminate Guess Work

Once a style guide is created, it can be applied to all of your internal and external communications. A logo design and style guide are useful for your brand identity and your internal documents.

A style guide can be applied to certain forms that you use all the time (RFP, scope, marketing plan, content matrix or memo). This takes the guesswork out of on-brand communication.

Brand Style Guides Emphasize Consistency

Once the guide is made, you never have to go back to the drawing board (unless, of course, you decide to do a rebrand). Everything will have a unified look, feel, and presentation across all of your communication channels.

Your brand design can make a big impression. When people get an email that’s adhering to your brand guidelines, they will notice that it’s from you. Your design will train their brain to think of you in certain colors, typefaces, and styles.

Brand Style Guides Embrace the Future

While some may think of a brand style guide as something that’s rigid and limiting, it’s quite the opposite. Once you apply the foundation for what you want your communications to look like, you can adapt those concepts to new and emerging media.

You’ll want your brand to maintain its value when applying it to your website, your emails, your internal communications, and your social media sites. Having an existing style guide gives you something to reference when adding new platforms or social networks.

A strong style guide lays out the rules of the road for all your brand’s graphics. Once the foundation is built your brand equity will continue to grow the more your team communicates with others. If you are just building your brand or you could use some help organizing the look of your marketing materials, New Park Creative can assist.


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