Digital Marketing Manager

Sofia Nardi

Sofia Nardi is a multi-faceted marketer with a creative mind and a sharp eye for detail. 

As New Park Creative’s Senior Marketing Specialist, Sofia utilizes her many talents to support the client and operational objectives. From strategy development and project management to content writing, Sofia is responsible for producing and executing client needs. She is a highly proficient marketing strategist with over five years of experience working directly with local and national businesses on TV, digital, and social media advertising campaigns. Entrepreneurial in nature, Sofia embraces all clients’ projects and goals as her own, understanding how her efforts directly impact an organization and its community. 

Sofia uses her strong writing ability and business acumen to develop engaging and memorable multi-platform campaigns for clients of various sizes and industries. She has a passion for storytelling and draws inspiration from her experience as a consumer to curate messaging that will influence and leave a lasting impression on prospective audiences.

Sofia holds B.S. from Bay Path University in Small Business Development with a focus on Marketing. When she’s not working, you will likely find Sofia playing video games or cooking.