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You’ll Still Need Print Design Services In 2017

You’ll Still Need Print Design Services in 2017

Print design services have often been crowded out by the digital marketing alternatives available today. Let’s assume that businesses in 2017 do most of their connecting on LinkedIn or Facebook. You may ask, what do you need print design services for? Here are a few reasons to consider keeping print design top of mind.

Print Design Services Help Organize Customer Experiences

When was the last time you were lost? We mean embarrassingly lost. Like the time you went to that new restaurant downtown and in search of the restroom you ended up in the kitchen? Or, that time you got caught up in the commotion at a stadium event and couldn’t find your seat?

Something like this happens to most of us at least once in our lives. It can invite an intense sense of dread or a mere feeling of annoyance. Either way, most of us would like to avoid it. The good news is print design services  – specifically signage – can help in this scenario.

How hard would it have been to get off track in that restaurant, if you were following a few way-finding signs? And, how likely would it have been to get lost in the crowd, if the stadium sections were prominently marked? We admit, you still could have gotten lost, but with reliable signage, it may have been less likely.

Why is this sense of being lost important to you? What’s worse than being embarrassed? Feeling irritated. Customers don’t like having to look too hard for what they need. So, if it isn’t them that’s lost, it could be the item they are trying to find in your store. You can use print design materials to make selecting and purchasing items easier too.

Print Design Services Offer Urgently Needed Info Instantly

It’s an over-generalization to say that when someone is emotional they can’t possibly think clearly. Although, isn’t it difficult to remember what happened yesterday when you are in the midst of an emergency? At that time, most of your attention is focused on the issue at hand.

Print design materials can serve as a voice in the midst of that kind of chaos. This may be the reason why many plumbers we’ve met give out magnets instead of business cards.

print design services

When a pipe has just burst in the home you own, do you pull out your smart phone to go to for plumbers? Or do you go straight to your dialer keypad with the plumber’s number that’s on your refrigerator?

Print design makes needed information convenient and accessible sometimes faster than our mobile devices can. This effect isn’t limited to magnets. Flyers, mailers and smaller signage may also do the trick.

Print Design Services May Craft a Warm Welcome

If you are like most people, you’d want to feel welcomed on your first day at a new company. Meanwhile, savvy employers, in today’s economy, know that it is hard to attract and keep top talent. One simple way to start the employer-employee relationship off strong is to use the power of design to get the little details right.

You may have seen “my first day” posts on LinkedIn or other social networks. In these posts, people proudly showcase their onboarding welcome gear. Here are two examples:

print design services onboarding

Creating a memorable first day on the job goes a long way toward making a lasting impression on your employee. Use the power of print design services to help welcome, connect and inspire your team.

print design services

This isn’t just for traditional employers. Whether you are encouraging new volunteers or working with temporary teams there are print design pieces that can make an impact in each case. And, when the project is done, participants can even pass them along, further increasing your company’s overall reach.

Print design services

Want to translate your brand to the print medium?

print design services onboarding

By 2017 it’s not likely that the Web will kill print. But keep in mind, it’s your brand that does a great deal of your marketing work. If the people that originally built your brand have come and gone, it may be useful to have someone “take a look under the hood.”

If this post sparked an idea for a print project you need; reach out! We’d love to work with you.

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