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7 Things Your Marketing Department Isn’t Telling You

marketing department checklistThere may be some practices or attitudes keeping your marketing department from making progress.

We’d like to revisit seven areas that you may want to discuss with your marketing department.

For many of you, this post will serve as a checklist of things your team is doing excellently, but for a few this list can help you pay additional attention to these areas of focus.

 1.) You could be making greater impact

Are your efforts acting as vehicles driving a greater plan or are you sending out one-off blog posts and haphazard Google ad placements? You need to make sure you are synchronizing all the efforts of your marketing department. For example, for an upcoming tradeshow, your marketing department wants people who are attending the show to visit your booth, so you send out a series of emails with links to related landing pages.

It would be most effective if different recipients received different responses based on their actions. Someone who opened the email but never clicked through to the landing page could get a reminder email. Someone who went to the landing page but didn’t sign up for an appointment could get an offer. Automating communications like this saves you time and helps you to make a greater impact.

 2.) Your website design is dated

Customers like familiarity but they also crave something fresh and new. If you’ve been in business for more than five years and your marketing department hasn’t fully updated your website since you started, you might be in trouble.

A survey conducted by Hinge Marketing showed that almost half of the 500 firms surveyed had redesigned their site within a 12-month period.  Similarly, Hubspot uncovered through asking over 200 marketers and agencies that only 5% have sites that are three years old or older.

3.) Lead tracking is marketing’s job too!

If your marketing team and your sales team aren’t working in tandem, you may be missing out on opportunities to synergize your efforts. Marketing departments often feel responsible only for qualifying the leads and getting them to the sales team.

There is a feedback loop that often goes unnoticed. Once a sales person has reached out to a lead, a number of different approaches can be taken by the sales team and the marketing team simultaneously based on the lead’s responses. The marketing department has a role to play in this process to support the closing of the sale, to provide follow up material, or to educate the lead about other offerings that are relevant to them.

 4.) Your evergreen marketing materials need some spruce

You know that one general marketing sheet you always email out about your company? Or that one landing page that you always send someone to? Similar to #2 above, when was the last time it was updated?

Since the last time you created that document I’m sure there are some insights or conversations you’ve had internally that can make that marketing piece more effective for your company and more useful to your clients.

 5.) You have technical issues

If your marketing department participates in online marketing of any type, there are always some bugs that need to be worked out. Whether it’s a url redirect that isn’t working, dead links in an email form, or images that aren’t SEO-optimized, simple technicalities like this are worth checking in on.

Making sure your links are added correctly and tracked appropriately helps you to know how people are behaving when they interact with your online content. In turn, you can use this data to deliver more of what your target audience is looking for and capture more leads!

6.) You’ve missed opportunities

In the every day hustle and bustle of running a business or just a marketing department, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. Each person gets so many calls each day and so many emails that there are going to be some conversations that you have not yet had.

You know that great deal from that savvy salesperson that’s coming to your mind? That’s what we’re talking about! Networking is an art, but it’s also a lifestyle. Some members of your marketing team may be shutting out useful partnerships that could take you and your business to the next level.

7.) Your marketing department needs space for innovation

A professor once said that she does her best work when she has “white space.” What she meant is that after she had done all of the reading on her topic, and regarded the opinions of others, she needed time to sit down and allow herself to think through all the ideas and challenge traditional conventions.

As a manager or owner, it’s hard for you to rationalize paying someone to sit at his or her desk and think. We get that. There’s no way for you to know whether that team member is actually working. But, you should consider pulling your team together for short but often brainstorming sessions about the areas that are most important to your business. This way you’ll have the opportunity to hear your teams’ thoughts, act on innovative ideas, and follow up on items that have gotten overlooked.

What Now?

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this lengthy article! We’re sure at least one of the seven areas listed above caught your attention. If #2, #4, or #5 is an area you need to focus on, we can help! We’ve got the expertise you need. Call or message us to learn more about Studio 73’s offerings.

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