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3 Wonderful Ways A Brand Development Firm Helps You

3 Wonderful Ways a Brand Development Firm Helps You

A brand development firm does much more than just figure out what your logo can look like. A brand development firm can help you position yourself within your sector, communicate your brand values, and design assets that may attract those that can contribute to your success.

Brand development applies strategic decision-making to the way that your organization looks and helps you make wise choices about the experience that others have with your brand.

If you are one of the top consumer brands of the world, you understand how your brand impacts your bottom-line. But if you’re coming from a non-profit or a B2B environment, you may think less about what your brand’s development can do for you. Here are three wonderful ways a brand development firm can help you see why brand development is equally as important for you as it is for B2C brands.

Evaluates Your Sector Position

Those who come in contact with your organization will automatically, even subconsciously, place it into the way that they understand the world. The colors, style and messaging that you use to showcase your brand are each a way that someone understands who you are, what you do and how they can work with you.

Blue is traditionally a color used for business, healthcare and technology sectors. During the brand development process, you’ll consider how you are currently perceived and the perception you aspire to. One B2B brand, Ingram Micro saw their 2014 rebrand as an opportunity to help clarify their intended direction by switching to an all blue logo.


“This is more than a logo change; we view this brand refresh as an investment in our future,” said Alain Monié, CEO at Ingram Micro. If you go to Ingram Micro’s website today, you will see that it uses mostly blue in its site design. It has moved away from the red that’s seen in previous versions of its brand style.

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Communicates Your Values

Some say “Like draws like.” When it comes to your brand you want to create it in such a way that no one is left guessing what you stand for. A brand development firm can use targeting messaging to convey your values and attract others that hold them.

Designs to Fit

You’ll want your brand on every channel that someone interacts with it, so depending on your specific relationships, the assets you need could vary greatly. You may need a logo, letterhead, a website, an app, a landing page, videos or social assets, etc. A brand development firm usually has a few creatives on the team. They can apply the insights drawn from the research done to create an on-target brand implementation.

If you’ve just launched a new company or if you’ve been in business ten years, the services of a brand development firm can be of good use to you. They can help you see where you stand and see where you’d like to go. Studio 73, our team here, is a digital media agency that offers a wide range of multimedia services, including, you guessed it — brand development services. We know that evoking emotion is a powerful way to engage your target audience(s) and that brand development can be the starting point for that exciting journey. Check out our work and give us a call today.

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