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3 Data Points to Shatter Your Video Marketing Paradigm [Video]

The stats are in. Video marketing is one of 2014’s best ways to promote your brand.  To most of you this isn’t news, but have you done anything about it yet? Video started becoming a popular tool among marketers when they realized how much more impactful a video is than a standalone graphic.

Additionally, as consumers began to watch more and more videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, video became a useful way to share content with large audiences.

Now, I know you are probably thinking that you want your company to be the star of the next most-talked-about viral video. We can’t promise you that, but we can tell you that most viral videos include irony, an element of surprise, and music all within a short run time.

In the past, we’ve talked about 3 reasons why you should add video to your marketing mix, today we’ll show you 3 compelling data points that will make you want to get started right away. These stats are extracted from a video (imagine that) that covers the finds of a study from ComScore and Shutterstock.

Mobile Viewing Increased

How often do you pass your smartphone to a friend and say, “Watch this!” It’s no wonder that mobile viewing of videos during the period studied showed that 1 in 6 videos had been watched on a mobile device versus 1 in 12 videos watched on mobile in the previous year.

Video Inspires Action via Email

You have a 96 percent greater chance that someone who opens your email will click-through if you include video to your emails. Think about what a difference that could make to your traffic and user engagement!

Americans Willing to Watch Ads

190 million Americans (61 percent of the total population) watched an average of 397 online videos in the month of January in 2014.  36 percent of those videos (or about 143 per person) were advertisements.

Aren’t these facts compelling? Want to see more? Let our work speak for itself. Take a look at some of the videos we’ve created here. Whether you need an “About Us” video, a behind-the-scenes video for a specific event/project, or a close up on your specific services, contact us to jumpstart your video marketing today.

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